Talk at TEDxCoconutGrove, March 2, 2018:
Meet Technobiology’s Wireless Messenger: The Nanoparticle

FIU Center for Personalized NanoMedicine (CPNM)*

FIU Center for Personalized NanoMedicine (CPNM) is a research center at the Institute of NeuroImmune Pharmacology of the Department of Immunology at Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. The Center involves researchers at different colleges within FIU and across the globe. The main partners are the University of California, University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, University of Miami, Emory University, Moffitt Cancer Center, Miami Cancer Institute and Baptist Hospital, Miami Children’s Hospital, Feinstein Research Institute, and others. The Center’s research has been funded through National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation, and other state, federal and private foundations.

Nanotechnology for Medicine (Nanomedicine) is one of the most important emerging multi-discipliinary fields of Science and Technology with an emphasis to advance the state of the art in Medicine; the magnitude of its potential impact has been compared with that of Silicon Valley. Personalized Nanomedicine aims to tailor medical intervention to patient- and disease-specific needs. The focus of the Center is to conduct cross-disciplinary research towards the development of groundbreaking nanomedical devices and systems for superior diagnostics and treatment. Our approach is to integrate fundamental knowledge of nanodevice physics and engineering with clinical studies in Miami and across the nation.

At CPNM, research is combined with training a new breed of cross-disciplinary experts, whose research could be effectively translated into practice in the near future. By fostering close ties with medical institutions, bio-tech and high-tech companies, and government agencies, the Center will bring awareness of high-impact real-life problems, stimulate the creation of groundbreaking innovations and intellectual property (IP), trigger a new wave of high-technology start-ups and generate new high-end jobs in the South Florida region and in the Country.

* Research in the Center is supported through grants from National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), and Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation (NSCFF), research awards from industry, awards from the State of Florida, and private donations.