Principal Investigator: Sakhrat Khizroev

Graduate Students (Ph.D.)

Kevin Luongo

Adam Manoussakis

Brayan Naverette

Krystine Pimentel

Emmanuel Stimphil

Mark Stone

Dennis Toledo

Ping Wang

Medical Students (M.D.)

John Brayant

Undergraduate Students

Alexandra Fleitas

Luisa Valderrama

ALUMNI (in chronological order)

  • Yazan Hijazi, Ph.D., 2006, Ph.D. thesis “Three-dimensional Nanomagnetic Memory,” (a tenured professor in Puerto Rico)
  • Pablo Gomez, Ph.D., 2006, Ph.D. thesisA nanoliter volume nuclear magnetic resonance system using tunneling magneto-resistive sensors to recognize biomolecules,” (Principal Scientist, Nanomond Corporation, Riverside, California)
  • Andrey Lavrenov, Ph.D., 2007, Ph.D. thesis “Focused Ion Beam Based Nanofabrication of Nanomagneto-electronic Devices,” (Senior Engineer, Hitachi Research, San Jose, CA)
  • Nikhil Joshi, Ph.D., 2007, Ph.D. thesis “Nanomagneto-electronics Via Imprint Lithography,” (Project Leader, Seagate Technology, Minneapolis, MN)
  • David Doria, M.S., 2006, M.S. thesis “Fabrication of CoCrPt and Co/Pd-multilayer nanomagnetic structures,” (Engineer, Boeing Corporation, Seattle, Washington)
  • Esnick Felissaint, M.S., Spring 2007, M.S. thesis “Nanoscale Ballistic Sensors”, (NYC)
  • Rajat Nair, M.S., 2006, M.S. thesis “Integrated Near-field Optical Systems to Record into Protein-based Media”
  • Robert Cameron, Jr., M.S., 2005, “Ferromagnetic Resonance Based Nanomagneto-electronics”
  • Nissim Amos, Ph.D., 2008, “3-D Memory” (CEO, Paramount Sensors, Riveside, CA)
  • Rabee Ikkawi, Ph.D., 2008, “Nanolasers,” (Senior Scientist and Project Leader, Western Digital Corporation, San Jose, CA)
  • Steven Choi, M.S., 2008, “Nanomagnetic Particles for targeted drug delivery” (HRL Labs, Malibu, CA)
  • Jeongmin Hong, Ph.D., 2009, “Graphene-based magnetic nanostructures and interfaces” (Research Scientist, UC Berkeley)
  • Robert Fernandez, Ph.D., 2010,”Heat-assisted Magnetic Recording”, (Senior Research Engineer and Project Leader, Seagate, Minneapolis, MN)
  • Beomseop Lee, Ph.D., 2010, “Nanomagneto-electronics Via E-beam Lithography,” (Engineer, Hitachi Research, San Jose, California)
  • Matthew Hudgings, Ph.D., 2010, “Protein-based memory”, (Engineer, Raytheon, San Diego, CA)
  • Yuan Tian, Ph.D, 2012, “Multilevel 3D electronics (computing) devices” (R/D Engineer, AOL, Palo Alto, CA)
  • Rakesh Guduru, Ph.D., Fall 2013, “Nano-Bio Electronics” (Gegahelix, Miami, FL)
  • John Buttler, Ph.D., Summer 2014, “3-D Nano-magneto-electronics” (Lockheed Martin)
  • Alexandra Rodzinski, Ph.D., Fall 2016, “Cancer Nanotechnology” (MD Anderson/Rice University, Houston, TX)
  • Chooda Khanal, Ph.D., Fall 2016, “Multiferroic Nanodiagnostic devices”
  • Ali Hadjikhani, Ph.D., Fall 2016, “FIB based nanotechnology” (University of Connecticut)
  • Tiffanie Stewart, Ph.D., Spring 2016, “Nanotechnology for glioblastoma treatment” (University of Notre Dame)
  • Emmanuel Stimphil, Ph.D., Fall 2017, “Technobiology for cancer treatment” (Moffitt Cancer Center)
  • John Bryant, (Medical School at FIU)
  • Adrian Armas (Chervron)
  • Matthew Taon, “Magnetic field control of biological cell profileration” (a MD/PhD program at UCLA)
  • Patrick Flanigan, “Tunneling Magnetoresistive Sensors” (PhD Student, Physics, Brown University)
  • Frederick Gertz, “Nanomagnetic Arrays to Simulate Neural Networks” (UCR)
  • Katcha Taylor, 2008 REU Student, “Fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanocomposites” (PhD Student, Mayo Clinic of Medicine)
  • Ryan Fernandez, 2009 REU Student, “Ultra-high-anisotropy and high-moment nanomagnetic particles” (Cal Poly)


Sakhrat Khizroev
AHC1-412, Florida International University
11200 SW 8th ST, Miami, Florida 33199
Ph. 305-348-3724
Fx. 305-348-3707