Please contact Elizabeth Garami ( at FIU Technology Management and Commercialization Office if you are interested in licensing pioneering technologies developed at the Center:

  1. “On-demand drug release using magnetoelectric nanoparticles,”  US Patent 9,724,503, issued August 8, 2017
  2. “Method for non-invasive brain stimulation,” US Patent 9,669,232, issued June 6, 2017
  3. “Wireless brain stimulation,”  US Patent 9,272,158, issued March 1, 2016

In addition, we have over 10 pending US Patent applications in the emerging field of multiferroic nanostructures and systems for next-generation medical applications including:

  1. “Nanodevices for rapid screening and signature identification of viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, and other biomolecular structures,” filed 8/10/2015
  2. “High-specificity chemotherapy using field-controlled nano-electroporation by magnetoelectric nanoparticles,” US Patent filed 5/17/2013, and many others

Most innovations of the Center stem from the new approach recently coined as technobiology. Unlike the traditional biotechnology approach, which relies on using biology to solve medical problems at the molecular level, the technobiology approach is more fundamental and uses physics and nanoengineering to address the same problems through a sub-molecular control of electric, magnetic, thermal, electromagnetic, and other fields and energies which underlie intrinsic physiological processes. Using the technobiology approach, diseases can be treated at their roots with no side effects.